Organic Shop Pvt. Ltd.

Lead Investor: Mahavir Sharma

Organic Shop is an independent online organic store with the widest range of certified organic products in India. Organic Shop is committed to improving the quality of life of communities by working on three thrust areas - education, health and environment. Organic Shop has a vision to spread awareness about the goodness of organic products to the remotest areas in the country and spread it across boundaries. Organic Shop is helping organic brands in India to reach out to organic consumers. List more than 11,000 SKU's from 120+ brands.

Founded in 2012 by Manuj Terapanthi, first generation entrepreneur and Alumni of MNIT comes with an experience of more than 20 years in online business and 10 years in organic industry.

Blue Box Media P Ltd

Lead Investor:Mahavir Sharma

The Tech Portal, aims to cover startup related news comprehensively, and in a refreshing manner, which has never been seen before in India. The purpose is to create a digital technology news website from India, known globally.

Its viewers span across Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, Australia globally and it already reports tech and startups news from Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Bangladesh as well. It is now expanding into different parts of the Globe, and have already started reporting from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh.

Elation Edtech P Ltd (SRJNA)

Lead Investor: Puneet Mittal

SRJNA, is an organization founded by IIT and XLRI alumni, working on experiential based learning through the use of innovative teaching aids and methodologies. It makes the Teaching Easier and Saves the Teaching Time. We have introduced 150+ physical working models in Science, Mathematics and Astronomy. Empowering Teachers with 5D teaching aids, pedagogy and smart assessments..

Synersoft Technologies P Ltd

Lead Investor: Mahavir Sharma

Synersoft offers hardware + cloud B2B enterprise innovation, branded as BLACKbox to Indian SMEs by expanding its operations in industrialized pockets of India. The core team is an optimum balance of commercial, managerial and technical expertise and vast experience. We are selling fully functional product having surpassed ideation, prototype, pilot stages with hundreds of paying customers.

Hotify Technologies P Ltd

Lead Investor: Mahavir Sharma

Founded in January 2015 in Bangalore, Hotify is an engine that aims at bringing recommended, relevant and timely content from across the web to its users. At present, it is serving this purpose through an Android mobile app. It is an attempt to uplift the user experience of discovering, reading and sharing content via simple intuitive manner, against rising information clutter on Internet.

The key problem that Hotify attempts at solving is the lack of a user first content consumption platform in the market, that can differentiate between what's relevant and what's not for each user.

Toko Innovation Studios P Ltd

Lead Investor: Ajay Data

It is a high-tech company with the aim to transform the experience of childhood. They are creating THE most exciting children's destination worldwide, as well as technologies that will bring the digital world to children.

Their platform is designed to be a place children can come back to day after day to discover and enjoy videos, games, gifts, pics in a safe and fun environment. There is equal emphasis on fun and learning, with an unique parental engagement model that lets the parent understand what their child is learning and how they can engage their child further on the topic. It wants to spark conversations between parents and children, and between children themselves, as it helps them discover the world through digital media.

ALBJ Technology Ventures P Ltd

Lead Investor: Ajay Data

ALBJ Technology Ventures Pvt Ltd founded in 2014 by Nitin Saxena and Parthsarathy Ramanujam with the idea to develop technology on internet data savings and boosting browsing speed. The Idea has been developed as a mobile app "Speeds". Speeds is an app which shrinks the data and thus eventually resulting in data savings and increased internet speed. Currently speeds app is available for Android users. Speeds will be also available for Windows and Linux servers as enterprise solution. ALBJ Team is passionate to work on technologies on data savings, streaming and security (encryption).